Friday, 16 March 2012

Karl Lagerfeld: #TodayI'mWearing.......An Eye-Patch

Image © Lagerfeld / i-D

Don't ask me why i-D magazine have put Karl Lagerfeld on the cover of their Royalty Issue werking an eye-patch in a self-shot portrait....Ich weiß nicht warum (that's German x I Don't Know Why).
Royalty x Karl I get, because obviously he's the King on his Chanel-clad Kaiser Throne, but the eye-patch? Well, firstly it's a make-up remover pad sellotaped to his signature shades. Secondly, my my Karl, what a strange bottom lip you have? And thirdly, let's just pretend like this never happened.

The designer is just one of 9 cover stars for the special issue which will be available from March 19 at and on newsstands from March 22.


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