Friday, 16 March 2012

Karl Does Normal Things for French ELLE (FULL SHOOT)

So you'll remember I wrote THIS post the other day about Karl Lagerfeld in
le supermarché for an upcoming French ELLE editorial?

Well the magazine has hit newsstands today, as has the full shoot online, featuring the Kaiser in his signature fingerless gloves, Chanel visors and ponytail, doing everyday normal things such as reading the paper in a cafe, preparing salad accompanied by fresh air (rather than garlic bread, because garlic + carbs = a fat-hating person's worst nightmare), and being pushed in a mini by models Saskia de Brauw and Caroline Brasch Nielsen - who also appear in the entire shoot dressed top-to-toe in the 'Karl' line. 

S'funny that he's pictured behind the wheel of a car and making food, seeing as his eyes haven't come across a drivers seat or a kitchen work surface since oh, 1980-something, proved here in this quote he made to German weekly Die Zeit in 2008 when discussing the recession: "I don't fancy having so much staff now. The chambermaid, chauffeur and chef are still musts, around the clock." 
And here, in another one of his priceless quotes he made to Interview Magazine in 2011,"You're in your jet - you don't have a grip on reality. We can lose touch with reality quite easily."
And this is why we all love Karl, because he's basically the spirit of Patsy Stone exorcised into the body of an old man with a mop that looks like it was left in the fridge too long.

Images © French ELLE


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