Monday, 26 March 2012

In The Mood For Summer x @anothermagazine

The Cinque Terre. Image © Agata Belcen / AnOther

"I begin to get excited when dusk draws itself out, early evenings feel cool and like someone has put the dimmer on instead of turning the lights out. There's a romantic sense of possibility and a melancholic, abstract nostalgia in that transitional moment." 

(Agata Belcen, Fashion Editor of AnOther)

I love this image (above) of the enchanting village The Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera, which was chosen by Agata Belcen, Fashion Editor of AnOther to help us visualise what gets her in the mood for summer. Belcen and various contributors to were invited to share the things which evoke their Summery senses, such as music, places and even a Levi's Pendleton collaboration jacket!
Read the full 'AnOther's In the Mood for Summer' piece HERE.

And if like me you're head over heels for the beauty of the pretty candy coloured houses and hidden pebbly beach coves in The Cinque Terre, then take your camera and go explore. It's on the Eastern corner of the Ligurian coastline and it's the ultimate getaway if you like the more non-hectic rhythm of Italian life.


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