Monday, 12 March 2012

I Heart Dface: Graffiti Love

Images © Juxtapoz / Streetartnews

UK street artist, Dface was recently in the big apple for the Scope NYC 2012 Art Fair, and while New Yorkers took their lunch breaks (in the gym), he created a giant graffiti mural on the side of a building.
The pop-art Lichenstein-esque piece is entitled ‘Handle With Care,’ and depicts a retro 40s/50s style woman looking a bit depressed with her head facing down on top of a cardboard box. Make of that what you will... 
Dface is renowned for reinterpreting classic images sourced from iconic motifs, ads, corporate logos, comic books, cultural figures and celebs - reworking those visual archives of material consumption and splicing and subverting them with a kind of punk rock irony vs the fragility of life, using the sides of buildings and billboards as his canvas. He encourages the public to view what surrounds our life in modern society via his tongue-in-cheek attitude, while cleverly engaging us to explore the media splurge we're force fed with a critical eye. 
Using the term 'aPOPcalyptic' to describe his work, Dface's previous pieces have included his take on Andy Warhol's iconic Marilyn Monroe portrait, where the screen siren's face is rendered as a decayed Marilyn, titled "Pop Tart". He's also defaced the Queen, John Lennon and The Statue of Liberty!

Images © DFace

The popularity of Dface's work has earned him a place as forerunner in the art movement of defacing public property, alongside contemporaries such as Banksy and Faile. Luckily he's also embraced gallery culture, and now exhibits a lot of his highly covetable pieces indoors. I'm just waiting for his recent street mural 'Love Her. Hate Him' (spray painted on Lafayette Street, NY) to be reproduced on canvas. Words cannot explain how much I WANT this artwork framed and hanging on my wall, like NOW!

'Love Her. Hate Him' © Streetartnews


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