Saturday, 3 March 2012

Blackbook Spring Issue x The Christina Hendricks Photoshop Awards

Hands up if you can spot the mistakes in this cover above?!
Yep, me too.

Blackbook Magazine you are normally visually arresting, but this time your art dept just need arresting for its crimes to photoshop! What happened? Did they take an early lunch and leave the photoshop button on "delete"? Christina appears to have been attacked by Jude Law's "THINNING CURSE" tool (the one that deletes his hair in every picture). 

Unless she's suddenly lost weight over night, her body appears to have been lost at sea and her eyeballs have been replaced with that of a crazy pirate on the loose! And since when was it the trend du jour in photography to smear a camera lens with vaseline?

I mean, come on, we're used to seeing people's hips and legs removed by photoshop, even the odd arm, and to be honest, if Christina was missing any of those it wouldn't matter because she would have those ginormous breasts to fall on and protect her face.
But this cover and editorial just takes the award for the most copies of Photoshop EVER used all-in-one-go, so the team at Blackbook should just join hands and take their bows. 

Although they could've just looked at the Johnnie Walker Christmas 2011 ad campaign starring THE REAL Christina, before they deleted her former face and about 2 stone.
Although the drinkie ad (below) was missing a trick...Christina clinking together two tumblers of whiskey on those magnificent mammaries!

© Johnny Walker


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