Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Another Type Of Lager In The Supermarket...LAGERFELD!

Image © French ELLE

Urban legend says that if you spot Karl Lagerfeld in a supermarket, you shouldn't stare directly into his Chanel eye shields, otherwise you'll immediately disappear into a pool of white dust and end up on top of his head, (in that ponytail which matches his zombie lips). 

If however you do make eye/visor contact, prepare for the pain of Karl amusing himself at your expense (always served with an extra dollop of fresh bitchery on top) because you can't fit into size zero white denim like he can. He'll even sniff you out nibbling donughts in the bakery aisle too, then wag his fingerless-gloved...erm....finger at you, warning that you could become so obese you'll look like Adele.

BUT thankfully, this pic (above) of the designer staring at stain removers and looking as creepy as the scary old man who turns up at the door in the Poltergeist films (he still gives me nightmares today), is just part of an upcoming, tongue-in-cheek editorial for French ELLE. 

The spread marks part of Lagerfeld's stint as guest editor and promises to "show Karl Lagerfeld like you've never seen him before." The Kaiser will also act as political columnist for the magazine with his “L’Oeil de Karl” (“Karl’s Eye") column, which will be published every Friday until the French presidential elections. To kick off his collaboration with the magazine, he created a series of irreverent political cartoons including the one below:

Image © Lagerfeld / French ELLE

The supermarket shoot doesn't feature Dale Winton running around with a trolley, but it does feature models Saskia de Brauw and Caroline Nielsen with a trolley, both wearing the "masstige" collection Lagerfeld created for Net-A-Porter. Naturellement, as it's Karl, the accompanying interview features more priceless comments from the man sans any tact whatsoever, such as: "It's the first time I've stepped into a supermarket. It's crazy — fascinating what one can buy. There's enough here to easily gain 20 kilos."

Yes folks, Karl Lagerfeld and supermarkets go together like Kerry Katona and common sense.

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