Thursday, 8 March 2012

Andrej Pejic x Adeen (and yes, THAT naughty hat)

Well, that's one way to get attention for your accessories label...stick androgynous mod Andrej Pejic in your new campaign wearing a bondage-like bikini and a hat that says C*NT. Oh, and add a few shirtless boys in balaclavas in the background.

The twenty-year old with possibly the coolest name I've heard in a while, Rembrandt Duran, is the designer behind emerging New York label Adeen, and explains his reasons for the controversial campaign (via his blog):

"Okay, so before I start getting women’s rights [activists] at my door, the C*NT hat really isn’t for the women of the world. It’s for the gay community. It’s not meant to be an insult to women, I LOVE women. But it’s a word people in my generation use to call someone fabulous or amazing.” 

Eh? The last time I heard someone use the 'C' word it wasn't because the person they were directing it at was rockin' a hot pair of heels! But let's not carried away with sweary and non-sweary definitions right now.
Rembrandt also explains (via his blog) that his choice of Pejic for the ad campaign was inspired by his muse (and Queen of Drag Queens) RuPaul, who fashioned a mantra “that one must always have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent!” Unsurprisingly, Rembrandt's Grandmother is a huge fan of the Adeen label, and even loves his naughty hat design. “She understands what it means and sees my vision" he says.  
Hmm, Nana x C*nt hat? Maybe that's an edgy new one for the Advanced Style blog?

His other slogan accessories include a knitted beanie with a pink paws print which says 'Pretty Bitch' (I'm so getting that, obv) and necklaces with the message 'Get Some'. Some what? Chocolate? Gin? (of course I know what he means).
To see the rest of his collection which includes rings, cuffs, earrings and plush pins, head HERE. I'm quite liking these very devilish looking black and white acrylic 'Pride' cuffs myself!

Image © Adeen


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