Monday, 6 February 2012

Women & Old-Timey Vroom Vrooms!

Prada's press release for the SS12 collection stated that its latest prop du jour - the gas station - “is cast as a central symbol in this post-modern crossroads of new horizons and economic fulfillment, a stage set where fashion, fantasy and the promise of new discoveries collide.”
But long before the Italian label decided to fill us up with fashion at the pumps and throw in vintage vroom vrooms and hotrod heels for effect - sessy babes raunched it up with cars in era's gone by, posing as if they were channelling the Queen of pin-up's, Betty Page.

New York Magazine's 'The Cut' blog has put together a retro collection of images featuring babes and their rides - some of which I've included in this post. To see the full slinky slide-show, go HERE.

I like the third pic (below), which reminds me of a pose I emulated at a 50s fancy dress party one Summer (aided by Bikini Martini's). Twas fun jumping on the hired white cadillac in my denim cut-offs......until I realised the temp of the car bonnet was like 200+ degrees. 

Images © The Cut 


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