Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2012/13 (VIDEO)

There's an 80's print revival going on in Balenciaga's Pre-Fall 12/13 collection, which was inspired by “The era when France decided to be modern - the late seventies and the early eighties.” 
The just-launched campaign video is a mélange of '80s Postmodernism (French stylie), with big bold colours, big silhouettes, in-yer-face prints, shoulder-pads, boyfriend jackets, and punk-like power clothing - most in 'heh look at me!' hues and styled up with statement earrings and New Wave hair. 
Yes it's retro, but Nicholas Ghesquière knows how to reference and reprise past trends by injecting them with a contemporary thinking and an element of experimentalism. This collection is eclectic as ever, and is full of high-tech fabrics and some seriously sharp tailoring. 
Even if it does all remind me of THIS.

Images © Balenciaga


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