Monday, 27 February 2012

And the Award for Red Carpet Presenter of the Night Goes To...

Funniest moment on the Oscars red carpet last night? No, not the bit where my eyeballs rolled at yet ANOTHER Sacha Baron Cohen PR stunt, as he arrived in character as “The Dicator” and upturned his urn of faux Kim Jong-II ashes over host Ryan Seacrest (which was actually Bisquick, the stuff Americano's make pancakes with).

No, the best bit from the Oscars red carpet was AFTER Baron made Seacrest throw a mini floor tantrum like he had just come last place in a beauty queen contest - and was thanks to the female reporter from another TV outlet next to him. After handing Goldilocks a towel to dust himself off, she then realised the eyes of the world were on her and went from wearing a shawl over her white suddenly whipping that baby right off for the cameras!! In fact, you could almost hear the production team in her ears shouting "get it off off OFF!!, SHOW THE GODAMN DRESS NOW!!". 

Fast forward to the 02:55 mark and you'll see what made me larf last night, apart from Kelly Osbourne's hair which looked like it had been left in the fridge too long, and P Diddy's lint roller - which also popped up on camera to help Seacrest's jacket out.


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