Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Aminaka Wilmont x Kane Cali: Through The Looking Glass

Aminaka Wilmont's AW12 show at London Fashion Week stood out for me because it was was a gothix luxe affair which introduced me to the work of digital glass artist Kane Cali

In the collection which explored the distinctions and parallels between hard and soft across colours, fabrics and cut; glass body accessories were laid across shoulders and chests to give off the impression of a second skin - sitting alongside silken digital prints which combined elements of crystals, gems, flowers, water and molten glass. Cali's glass pieces cleverly reflected light from the models bodies, capturing the softness of the female form, while also creating a darker edge to the show.
Brit artist Cali (who also collaborated with Aminaka on their SS12 show), fuses new technologies with science and nature, such as a recent exploration into 3D modelling with glass. From colliding droplets or gentle ripples, he creates impressive sculptural landscapes, as well as body pieces and jewellery in a mixture of translucent, opaque and rich colour tones.
Check out the beautiful designs for Aminaka Wilmont AW12 below:


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