Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tavi: Like Marmite, You Either Love or Hate Her

Tavi swaps Grandma glasses for Miu Miu's Glitter Cat Eye Shades

What do you get if you cross a blogger with a clothes rail full of vintage garb (read: charity shop garb); old vinyl; guitars; a
 poster of Dudley Heinsbergen from The Royal Tenenbaums; and a dressing table strewn with nail varnish, plastic jewellery, trinkets and pink fluffy tat?
Answer: Tavi
In an interview with the BBC, filmed in her bedroom - the now 15 year-old Ed-in-Chief of web magazine Rookie - a spin-off from her 'Style Rookie' blog - discusses how she began blogging at 11 and soon shot to fame at 13 and amassed a following of 4million readers, popping up everywhere on front rows and style bible covers as the 'next big thing', while also schmoozing with fashion's elite.
Not bad for someone who once described herself in POP magazine as a 'tiny dork that sits inside all day'.
Image © LOVE magazine

In the interview, Gevinson also offers some insights into the often hypocritical attitude of the fashion industry, and the resistance to her youth that she faced from insiders: They would talk about how inappropriate it was for someone my age to be at fashion week, but this is coming from an industry that fetishises youth.” 
She has a point. Only yesterday we were all googling Cindy Crawford's 10 year-old daughter Kaia Gerber in the Versace kids campaign - and in November last year the ASA banned Marc Jacobs' Lolita perfume ad, starring Dakota Fanning with a bottle of the fragrance between her thighs, blaming it for 'sexualising children'. Seems it's okay to flaunt the lollipop set in the name of fashion, but when it comes to allowing them to express their voices and opinions....Sshh!
As she says in the interview, “When I went to fashion week for the first time I was 13. People were confused about my being there for a few reasons. One was that I was a blogger. The word itself blog is kind of ugly, it just doesn’t sound very legitimate. And fashion, as an industry, has been really behind on being online and so I think people were confused and angry that someone younger than them had kind of figured it out."
Or it could have just been that some poor Fash Ed had to sit behind one of her giant bows.
Image ©
Watch the interview, which is all kinds of charming really, HERE.


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