Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Oscars? Pfft. Here's W Magazine's The Movie Issue x Tilda Swinton

The February issue of W Magazine is appropriately named the "Movie Issue" - appropriate because Hollywood is all about patting itself on the back right now. First we had the Golden Globes, and yesterday 
the noms were announced for the Oscars - that's the noms that even Meryl's pussy bow could've predicted by the way. Aww the Oscars - the event full of rotund old guys in suits and botox in gowns, where good people are robbed of awards and Madge and Elton pop-up as seat fillers. So no, I won't be watching the hours and hours of schmultz, unless someone pays me to dance cheek-to-cheek with a class of gin during one of the hundred musical numbers.
Anyhoo, to celebrate the most talked about films of last year, W chose twenty actors to profile for its annual "Best Performances" edition - including Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn) and Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). Styled by Edward Enniful and lensed by Mario Sorrenti - the stars also share their thoughts on cinema, past and present. 

Naturally my pick of the bunch is Tilda Swinton (We Need To Talk About Kevin), who brings saucy back (the little minx) in a sultry pose, rocking Dolce & Gabbana underwear, hosiery by Falke and sessy Loubout's. I'm not going to mention the fact that she's still stealing from David Bowie's make-up bag. Oh darn it, too late.

W's Lynn Hershberg writes: “The year 2011 was not full of happy ­endings at the movies. Unlike in the previous year, the new crop told quieter, less ­triumphant stories and provided intimate portrayals of individuals who were usually struggling and often lost. If you believe, as I do, that films echo the mood of the culture, the year’s characters bear this theory out: We’re ­living in a cautious, alienated, somewhat ­depressed time. For this portfolio, we picked 20 performers, each of whom has brilliantly inhabited a role that speaks to this moment in time.“

To see the full portfolio of pics, head HERE.

And talking of Oscars, I hope Michelle Williams is warming up her best I'm Happy For You face, because she's SO going to lose out to Meryl Streep for the Best Actress award. 


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