Friday, 6 January 2012

Only If You Dare: Oscar de la Renta x Beats By Dre

I'll give £100 to the first person who dares to wear these on public transport (I won't really, but I will laugh out loud at your outlandish bravery, aka...have you no shame at all?!).
These statement headphones include the same geeky technology as regular Beats by Dre but come with added plum-coloured silver fox fur muffs.

At $695, this is a pricey way to mix looking like a slightly eccentric DJ with someone who should steer clear of PETA activists.
I suspect there will be some fashionistas coveting these for the last few months of Winter though - the type who also channel their inner 5 year-old by wearing those hideous furry animal hats, with pointy-uppey ears and everything. 

If you must stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons though, head to


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