Tuesday, 24 January 2012


So Amsterdam-based artist SIT thinks the most hideous footwear in history (CROCS), are in need of a literal makeover, and has created a pair of sculpted 'Killer Heels' made in collaboration with special effects artists Rob & Erik Hillenbrink.
Presented in a hand-crafted wooden box with official signed certificate, the Croc-inspired design is shockingly on sale to the public, (should you wish to gift a pair to someone you hate), and much like the original version, they are also ugly.

CROCS should only be worn by children who don't know any better. Or just never. Google the temperature at which hideous rubber footwear burns occur in the sunlight and that's just one reason never to wear them during daylight hours.
And SIT's snappy style (above) is just as destructive, but mainly to the eyeballs. 

For those of you who still keep contributing to practices of evil by wearing those foot mitts, I present the picture below....without further comment:


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