Thursday, 26 January 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: What Kind Of Swan Costume Is That?!

So I received an email today containing the new featurette for the other Snow White flick due for release this year (Snow White and the Huntsman is also released in June) - and unlike evil Queen Charlize Theron's dark fantasy (the Huntsman one) - this latest film Mirror Mirror, starring Julia Roberts (Evil Queen) and Lily Collins (Phil Collins' daughter and also Snow White) is just....well.....a bit camp and a bit panto!

I give you, Snow White in an *interesting* swan headpiece below..... 

Image © Relativity Media

You know what, the costume dept SO should've just borrowed Bjork's iconic 'swan dress' by Marjan Pejoski, which she wore to the 73rd Oscars. If you're gonna be a swan, might as well go the whole swan!

Image © Getty

Mirror Mirror is released in cinemas on 16th March. Watch the featurette below:


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