Saturday, 21 January 2012

I'm Proud To Be ___ Years Old!

Of course you've heard of Advanced Style by now - a blog which documents seriously stylish OAPs, most of whom would give us young'uns a run for our money when it comes to our wardrobes.

Originally started by Ari Seth Cohen as a 'street style' blog (think The Sartorialist, but just with lots of older folk) and Lithuanian videographer Lina Plioplyte - Advanced Style is a fusion of NYC's most glamorous and hipster-chic ladies and gents of a certain age, who share a passion for fashion. Cohen also created the blog to change people's perception of aging, and "make us all look forward to the freedom that comes with getting older."

IIona Royce Smithkin (91)

Now, over three years later, Advanced Style is being made into a film featuring footage compiled from Cohen and Plioplyte's many interviews, including style icon and self-proclaimed 'geriatric starlet', Iris Apfel. A short trailer of their work was first published on in March 2010; and in October last year, fashion curator and blogger Diane Pernet previewed the extended version at 'A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival' in Paris.

Now here's the latest edit, which features one of my favourite stars of Advanced Style - the vivacious artist, performer and raconteur, IIona Royce Smithkin (also Polish-born, so yes, IIona is my homegirl). I love how she says "Lately I've been so hungry for colour". REALLY?!
Watch the trailer below.
I want to be like ALL of these women when I am old......and shall wear purple.

Cohen is also releasing a photo-book this April showcasing the best of his Advanced Style blog - and I'll be gobsmacked if the 100-year-old woman doing pilates isn't in there. Atta girl!


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