Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Frida Is My Homegirl: Icons As Hipsters

Chilean illustrator Fab Ciraolo combines elements of pop culture, sci-fi and fantasy in a mind-bending amalgamation that re-imagines old school superheroes, classic cartoon characters, fairy tale favourites and edgy popular icons.
His latest series of work features historical rebels clad in 21st-century counter-culture, such as Frida Kahlo in a 'Daft Punk' tee channelling her best Lana Del Rey impression; Salvador Dalí looking like a member of an indie band in hipster garb, and a nipple-taped Cleopatra with a stonking 'Justice' tattoo.
As Ciraolo says, "I am like a sponge, very visual, I hate reading but love looking. My mind is full of these icons and these images. I love to mix the old with the modern, giving things that already exist a new fresh air, a new vision".

Frida Kahlo


Salvador Dalí

Dalai Lama
Che Guevara


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