Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fashion on Film: RIP Eiko Ishioka (7/12/1939 - 21/1/2012)

You may think you've not seen the work of Eiko Ishioka, but you most definitely have.
The celebrated, revolutionary and visionary graphic artist and costume designer won critical acclaim, and was one of the leading visual pioneers of the 20th century.
Her shockingly beautiful and often provocative creations include memorable costumes for the big screen, including Francis Ford Coppola's "Dracula" which she won an Oscar for in 1992; The Cell (2000), starring Jennifer Lopez; fantasy adventure "The Fall" in 2006; "Mishima" in 1975, for which she was awarded the 
Cannes Film Festival gong for Artistic Contribution to production design; a Tony nomination in 1988 for the stage and costume design of "M. Butterfly" on Broadway, and a Grammy for the art work on Miles Davis’ Tutu LP. 
Continuing on the music theme, Ishioka also directed the video for Bjork’s Cocoon and designed Grace Jones' elaborate wardrobe for the 2009 "Hurricane Tour" (think lasers bouncing off mirror-ball bowler hats, flamboyant headpieces and masks, billowing capes and zebra-print catsuits).

Born in Tokyo and a graduate of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music - Ishioka's work features in various museums around the world on permanent display, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Among her most notable collaborations was the ad she created for Japanese retailer Parco, in which actress Faye Dunaway silently peels and eats a hard-boiled egg. In a darkened room. While wearing a veil. Thought-provoking if nothing else.

Ishioka's recent forays into costume design can be seen in the Broadway production "Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark", and upcoming Snow White flick starring Julia Roberts, "Mirror Mirror".
Ishioka passed away on Saturday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 73.

See some of her most surreal, sensual and almost dream-like creations below, followed by a video which explores the archives of her most prolific work throughout the years.

Sadie Frost's voluminous wedding dress in Dracula (1992)

Jennifer Lopez in sci-fi thriller The Cell (2000)

The Fall (2006)

The Fall (2006)

The Fall (2006)

Grace Jones "Hurricane Tour" (2009)

Julia Roberts as 'The Evil Queen' in "Mirror Mirror" (2012)


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