Monday, 2 January 2012

Exploring The Archives: Unseen Herb Ritts

Legendary fashion photographer Herb Ritts passed away in 2002, but his extensive archive of subjects and icons captured on camera is still being explored; and now a series of never-before-seen images has been discovered in a treasure chest of his past (aka, his box files). 
The hidden gems published online over at, pay homage to Ritts' 80s/90s heyday, including photos of David Bowie, a young Karl Lagerfeld, Johnny Depp and supermod of the era, Cindy Crawford.
Nowness also consulted friends, muses and colleagues of the famous lensman for their take on his work, including Anna Wintour, Calvin Klein, Richard Gere, and Crawford, who said, “I think he photographed women the way they want to look… Herb would always get you naked".
That would explain why she's missing the rest of her swimsuit in this pic below from 1990-something then...

Images © Herb Ritts/Nowness


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