Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Totes Express Yourself!

There's nothing quite like making a statement with your tote bag, especially when it involves being slightly ironic, controversial or suggestive. Fashion can be fun (we all know this because we saw Alber Elbaz dancing in the AW11 campaign for Lanvin, see, FUN FUN FUN!) - so you might want to check out Paris-based Nicole Locher's latest project Maude & Tilda, if you want more fun that is.
A collection of cute totes emblazoned with bold and cheeky statements about iconic bags and designers; Locher's designs are made from unbleached and un-dyed cotton canvas which means they're affordable - unlike some of the bags she mentions on her totes. For the girl who also likes to take everything AND the kitchen sink with her when she leaves the house, these bags are ideal because they could carry a small human inside (anotherwords, they're quite 'roomy'). See for yourself below, I particularly like pic/bag no.3 (but as if I would carry that around.....well.....maybe).

Buy them for your friends for Crimbo HERE.


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