Thursday, 1 December 2011

Must-See Right Now: The Weeknd - "The Knowing"

You should know by now I'm all over anything avant-garde, which is why I'm telling you all about extrovert R&B artist Abel Tesfaye's new video "The Knowing" - an afrofuturistic opera meets a dark, twisted fantasy about love and deep stuff like that. Better known under his stage name, 'The Weeknd', Tesfaye has collaborated with film maker and art director Mikael Colombu (he helmed Cee Lo Green’s “Bodies”), to create a visually intense masterpiece - an eight-minute epic set in the 117th century on a planet called Ethio. There's a series of collage-like stop-motion images, toppling cities, brain scans, laser beams, and Tesfaye flying across planets in space. It’s also shot in 2-D Jankyvision, which means it's shot with Nikon 95 cm. film, whatever that means. Basically it's a fun thing to say. Jankyvision, see? Fun.


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