Monday, 5 December 2011

Lana Del Rey: Born To Die

.....and the Lana Del Rey lovin' continues.

This is the official title track from her upcoming LP due out on Jan 30th next year, entitled Born To Die, along with an accompanying video loop of footage shot by French music and film director Yoanne Lemoine (he helmed Katy Perry's Teenage Dream), which features Lana in a very long embrace with tattooed model Bradley Soileau. I'm assuming it will eventually make up part of the entire vid whenever that's eventually released??

With a fatalistic chorus line of "You and I/We Were born to die" and lyrics like "I feel so alone on a Friday night/ Can you make it feel like home if I say you're mine?", it just evokes images of a femme fatale lying on a bed in a murky motel somewhere on a desert highway, swigging cheap whiskey from a bottle in a brown paper bag, while mascara tears trickle down her cheeks and Lana's husky voice plays out on an old retro radio. But maybe that's just me, you might get something entirely different from hearing this! So here, watch/listen below, and I pre-warn you that even though it's as not pitch-perfect as Video Games, you'll still get that 50s feeling. Lana, I think I love you.


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