Thursday, 8 December 2011

HILAR! The Xmas Walk Of Shame, By Harvey Nichols

I've only just stopped giggling at this Christmas vid from Harvey Nichols, which shows a bunch of girls attempting the 'walk of shame' home after a night out on the festive tiles.

Of course, these girls aren't just dragging themselves home, knickers poking out of their clutch bags, with a giant hickey on their neck. Oh no, these girls are dragging themselves home in dresses from HN AW11 collections, obviously. Which is why the ad comes with the tagline: "Turn your walk of shame into a stride of pride". That's the opposite of shame! Yes girls, wear something hot, designer (and probs expensive) from HN, and let your neighbours know that while they were drinking Hot Chocolate and watching Celebrity Come Dine With Me re-runs at home, you were making whoopee with someone whose name you couldn't remember, and to be fair, you couldn't really focus enough to see what they looked like either. 

So the moral of this story is: make sure you've been to HN womenswear department before you hit those Xmas do's. Then you can kill those looks of judgement the morning after, and hold your head up high!

Or you could just get a cab.


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