Thursday, 15 December 2011

Have An Awkward Xmas With Marc Jacobs!

Oh those peeps at Marc Jacobs are just little social media whizzes aren't they! In a moment of brilliance, the team have come up with the hilar idea to capitalise on all of our awkward Xmas Family snaps (the one's where you're caught full-on sneezing because your Dad's overdone the Kouros again) - by giving us the chance to share our misery with the world.
Think bad sweaters, reindeer antlers shoved over your bonce at the last minute and worst of all - Xmas babies!! That awkward moment when you find yourself holding your niece/nephew/cousin/god-daughter/godson when you would really rather be holding a large glass of something fizzy and expensive. Outside. Far away from your family.

Marc Jacobs feels our pain, so he's kicked off with a few faux family portraits of his team celebrating their very own Crimbo, which include the designer in fetching festive headgear, and with friend and director Sofia Coppola - who will also helm the video ad campaign for the upcoming H&M x Marni collaboration .

"Marc Jacobs Intl. is a brand full of eccentricities. Through our social channels, our fans reach out to us in ways that reflect our own eccentricities. We hear their stories and see their photos that illustrate those stories. For the holiday season, we wanted to connect with people by making a collage of images in a fun and easy way". (Daniel Plenge, Digital & Social Master, MJ NY)

To see MJ's pics and to upload your own, head HERE. There are also two very funny vids to accompany the campaign; the second of which not only plugs some tissue-filled canvas totes, but also reminds me of my very own family Christmas.....after someone put too much Bourbon in the eggnog.


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