Tuesday, 27 December 2011

FUR'GLY For S Magazine

If you didn't already know who Charlotte Tomaszewska is, you do now, thanks to this edgy editorial featuring the Polish model for S magazine (they like nipples) - lensed by photography duo Raphael Delorme and Thierno Sy, featuring the hairstyle that's so hot-right-now - the 'Rooney'. Nope, not after Wayne's little powder puff of hair - but after the micro bangs Rooney Mara rocks as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Throw in some bleached eyebrows and you've got yourself the full Rooney.

Stylist Maja Naskretska completes the sharp and risque look with some statement bling and a strategically-placed leopard print box clutch. I really tried to de-CAPS this next part I'm about to write, but I just can't help myself from roaring so loud, that the fur coat the model's wearing might spring back to life and rip itself off her - STOP WITH THE FASHION 'N FUR THING! SKINNING A FEW FLUFFY BUNNY WABBITS TO CHANNEL ALEXIS CARRINGTON IS UGLAAAAAAAY - AND IF YOU'RE GOING TO WEAR DEAD ANIMAL PELTS, YOU MIGHT AS WELL CATCH AND STUFF SOME CHIHUAHUA'S FOR THE MANTLEPIECE AND WHIP SOME CUTE MIAOWING KITTENS WHILE YOU'RE AT IT. (CAPS LOCK can be addictive, right?).
I hope Charlotte Tomaszewska likes the taste of red paint, because Peta is adding her to their hit-list as I type. 


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