Saturday, 10 December 2011

First Look: Meryl Streep for Vogue US January 2012

I've saved up all my exclamation marks for this.....

HOW FABULOUS DOES MERYL STREEP LOOK ON THE COVER OF US VOGUE FOR JANUARY 2012?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Streep's first time as a cover girl for the yankee issue, but she previously posed for the May 2010 cover of the French edition (sharing the limelight with Penelope yaaaaawn Cruz though).
I like, no, LOVE this cover, because it seems photoshop was given the day off - and it's a move away from all the usual celebrity silicone cheek cutlets, stuffed bras and airbrushing off of hips and thighs....and sometimes even entire legs. Nope, next year it's all about looking naturally windswept (with great cheekbones) on a beach. The End.

Talking of all things Streep, I was lucky enough to see a preview screening of "The Iron Lady" last night thanks to fashion label Burlington, (one of their argyle knits appears in the scene where Maggie disposes of Dennis' old clothes after his passing). Without giving too much away, Streep in my opinion is THE ONLY actress who could pull off such a brilliant and moving take of our former PM - making me laugh when she declares "I cannot die washing up a teacup" to a young Dennis, making him aware she simply will not adopt the role of housewife, after he proposes to her. Then making me turn on the waterworks with her touching portrayal of an eldery, confused woman slowly losing touch with the powerful life she once led, while still trying to hold on to the memories of her past.

We all know that the glossy December and January covers often go to Hollywood A-listers on the promotional trail for those awards noms, and you know what - if Streep doesn't win the Best Actress Oscar for this movie.....I'll eat my pussy bow.


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