Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lana Del Rey For Prada, Really?

Apparently this is everyone-loves-her-right-now Lana del Rey, in a teaser ad for Prada's next campaign. Hmm. Or could it be someone in the art department at Fashin (who posted this image first today) having too much fun with photoshop? It's also kind of ironic how she's wearing a lip-print top, when her real (or are they?) lips are still a hot topic for discussion right now (basically has she pumped them up or not?). 
I'm not convinced about this ad, but then fashion and music are hung up on the 1950s right now, constantly reimagining the fine line between that decade's overt feminine innocence and its darker allures - of which Del Rey is the perfect ambassador. Prada's SS12 collection was also all kinds of cats eye sunglasses, hot-rod culture and head scarves, so there's only one thing for it, I'm just going to get Miuccia on speed-dial and ask her about this pic myself!


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