Sunday, 13 November 2011

Friends Now? New Banksy Appears In London For King Robbo

Images © Juxtapose

An alleged new Banksy piece has appeared in London, where the famed King Robbo mural once existed on the Regent's Canal towpath. The new work, which shows a spray-can with a candle-like flame, is thought to be a well-wisher message to revered underground urban artist King Robbo.
A graffiti war-of-paint has existed between the two since Banksy painted over a 25-year-old mural by Robbo (below), which had remained untouched since it was created in 1985 - until Banksy added a stencil of a workman plastering wallpaper over the mural.

Robbo, who had been "in retirement", then resurfaced to revenge his rival, by manipiulating Banksy's alteration, to give the impression the workman was painting a tribute to Robbo. In 2010, Banksy then added a not so subtle "Fuc" to the tag and everyone waited for the next blast of retaliation...
It never came though, after Robbo was found near his home in Holloway earlier this year, with life-threatening head injuries after an attack, and was put into an induced coma by Doctors, shortly before an exhibition of his work was due to open in Shoreditch.

With his condition still failing to improve, is this Banksy's way of saying the fued is finally over? (if it is a Banksy that is).


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