Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fairy-God, Fashion-Mother

An exhibition of collage drawings by artist Hormazd NarielwallaSavile Row's Dege & Skinner's artist in residence, is now on display at the Modern Pantry (a keen supporter of the arts), until 7th January 2012. Fairy-God, Fashion-Mother is inspired by the cult fashion curator and the blogger-of-all-bloggers - Diane Pernet - and mars the lines of illustration and art by exploring the human form as abstract shapes. Narielwalla references from three paradoxically eclectic historical sources; reproductions of 1960s American paper dresses archived at ATOPOS cvc (a Greek cultural centre), original and antiquated tailoring pattern drafts from a Victorian cutting book (from the London College of Fashion) and archived bespoke patterns from Savile Row customers, discarded after their death in the 60s - scraps of paper which were utilitarian in life, but are now a poignant (and slightly creepy) memento of a man’s relationship with his tailor. 
The result of Narielwalla's fascination with tailoring is a stunning collection of art that visually draws you in, and tells you a story of the history of patterns.

Images © Hormazd Narielwalla


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