Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pearl Lowe x DP London: Organically Stylish

© Pearl Lowe

“ For me scent is quite simply the ultimate home accessory. I love transforming the mood with these candles and find candlelight so decadent. They envelop a room with scent that lingers for hours, and create complete calm in my home. The travel candles are also amazing as they help me to take a little home comfort with me and also work equally well in a guest room at home” Pearl Lowe
Modern organic beauty label, DP London, has collaborated with author, fashion and interiors designer Pearl Lowe (also Mummy to Daisy), to create a limited edition range of beautiful scented candles - the sort that will look fabulous next to your coffee-table look good copies of CondĂ© Nast Traveller and Vogue. As I entered the iconic Schiaparelli Suite at London's fashionable Mayfair Hotel last week for the launch, my senses were immediately drawn to the smell of Spiced Punch which enveloped the room. Other fragrances in the candle range include White Flowers and Citrus Fruits. Pearl herself was being interviewed in the decadently designed signature hot pink bedroom - the colour which became couturier Elsa's legacy to fashion and design. 

With over 50 years of experience in the field of specialist botanical oils, DP London produce world-renowned formulations for restorative beauty solutions - or to put it another way, lotions and potions that tone, moisturise and smell lovely on your skin, naturally. I could blind you with science about how they research the range of skincare products they produce, but all you need to know is that they are an upmarket organic beauty brand and you'll probably have lots of their stuff in your bathroom and living room very soon.

The Pearl Lowe signature candle range gives the brand extra kudos, but stands apart from other celeb-endorsed beauty and lifestyle products. These candles are not only chic and stylish, but they're made from 100% natural beeswax, including a sustainable EcoSoya blend with an organic aroma. They also contain zero Palm oil, which has been proven to contribute to deforestation - yes folks, it's eco-friendly all the way. The handmade Japanese porcelain containers which hold the candles are also re-usable, so I'm thinking cute and glam mini plant-pots! The range also includes a boxed trio of travel candles, so when you leave your beautifully-scented sprawling Somerset country pile, you can make your mountain villa in boho Northern Ibiza smell just as wonderful!  
So dust those coffee-tables, fireplaces and mantle pieces, and make some space for these uber-hot candles that all your visitors will lust after; and check out Selfridges and, where the range is available exclusively. You can also head to for more information and prices.


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