Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Must-Listen: DJ Cam - Seven

There’s something pretty darn special about French mix master DJ Cam’s new album “Seven," a deep and brooding fusion of hip-hop and jazz. 
Take some steady piano trickles, ethereal synth work, beats at a walking pace, a touch of old-school soul vibes and you have an LP of deeply mood-evoking tracks where the beginning sounds like the middle which sounds like the end which sounds like it's not quite finished yet? But then that's DJ Cam's intention - there is no beginning, middle and end, or a method to his work, other than mixing hip-hop tinged with ambient chords, jazz tones and lots of other tinkly sounds to stir the senses.
Beautiful stand out tracks include "Love" feat. Nicolette, "California Dreamin" (check out both below) and “Fontainebleau", all of which feature a perfect backbeat and enough soul to help you drift off into full chill out mode .....


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