Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fashion On Film: Rihanna For Armani AW11

Rihanna the strumpet raunches it up in a contemporary film noir short, shot by Steven Klein for the Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear AW11 campaigns. We've already seen the print ads, now comes the film which shows the singer stripping out of a black dress in the back of a car (cue sexy lingerie close-up), changing into a pair of spray-on jeans (cue sexy jeans close-up) - add an atmospheric B&W backdrop, her "Loud" album track "Skin" as a soundtrack (ooof) - and a blonde RiRi eventually exits the car, strutting off to an elevator where she's met by Mr Handsome (also clad in Armani). Can I just say right now though....I don't like RiRi as a bleached blonde, that hairstyle is all kinds of no. It just makes me think 'bad mannequin with a dodgy barnet in shop window'. Anyway, I digress. Aside from bad hair, this mini fashion movie is not the first time Armani have enlisted the help of a starlet who knows how to sell their clothes, while pouting. Actress Megan Fox was also involved in a series of ads before RiRi came in to replace her pout.  Check out the new short film (below), and if you just can't get enough of little miss 'ooh na na', she also appears on the cover of November's UK Vogue, wearing Armani PrivĂ©


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