Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fashion on Film: The Oldest Pair Of Levi's In The World

Levi’s recently launched the “Overalls The Origin” initiative, which has seen a reworking of three of the iconic denim label's original styles - The Nevada c. 1880s, The Barnyard c.1890 and The XX c. 1879, all pictured below:
© Levi's 2011
In a bid to promote the new retro line, fashion historian Lynn Downey, who also works at the Levi’s Strauss & Co. Archives, took the oldest pair of Levi's in the world - the XX c. 1879 - to the Shibuya Store in Japan, where she carefully displayed them with the help of a delicate hand and some gloves! The value of those jeans to the world of denim and fashion is immeasurable, see why in this video here:


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