Friday, 21 October 2011

Colourful Art Movements: Yarn Bombing

If you're not aware of the art movement, Yarn Bombing, you just need to start opening your eyes a little more...and really looking around you. Yarn Bombing is the more cosy version of graffiti. Sometimes referred to as 'Grandma Graffiti', it's the guerilla crocheting of everything from bikes, to statues, trees, cars, signs, lamp-posts and basically anything free-standing that can be covered in vibrant, often neon-bright crochet or knitting. A relatively new phenomenon, this less in-yer-face form of urban vandalism is popping up all over the UK, Europe and the US, and was even celebrated on June 11th this year, as International Yarn Bombing Day. Just as urban street art has Bansky, Crash and Retna, to name but a few - Yarn Bombing has artists/knitters such as Jessie Hemmons of ishknits, Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please and Polish-born artist Agata Olek.Their yarn-bombing adventures are more like public art installations, see for yourself below:

Agata Olek

Images © Agata Olek
Magda Sayeg

Images © ishknits
Jessie Hemmons

Images © Jessie Hemmons
...and now, here's a yarn bombing for your viewing pleasure! Agata Olek hits Astor Place in NYC below:


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