Sunday, 4 September 2011

When Fashion And Art Collide

Glossy magazine POP‘s 25th issue for A/W 2011 is an editorial collaboration of fashion and art, “A Redefinition of the Lady (In XII Parts)”. Three special covers have been created featuring model Freja Beha Erichsen shot by Rene HabermacherGeorgia May Jagger as a debutante by Brit artist, Gillian Wearing; and the third is a double fold cover of US-based Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović by Habermacher. 
Abramović has been testing the boundaries between performer and audience for over three decades. For example, her "Rhythm 0" piece saw her lying prone on a table for six hours surrounded by an array of objects and instruments, including matches, lipstick, saws, nails and a loaded gun. Visitors were invited to do as they desired with her body. One man sucked her blood; one pointed the gun at her, before someone else took it away. Another show entitled "Lips Of Thomas" allowed visitors to observe the artist eating one kilo of honey, violently whipping herself until she no longer felt pain, while lying naked on a crucifix made of ice for thirty minutes. Make of that what you will.
It's credit to POP's foward-thinking attitude that they have chosen the artist to appear in this series of covers. In my opinion, Abramović is full on unbridled insanity (anyone willing to put their life in jeopardy for their art must have a screw or two lose). Yet at the same time as questioning her sanity, one can't help but agree her work is utterly compelling and almost endearing. 


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