Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Stella Scissorhands!

"Vogue Italia's shock tactics continue with Stella Tennant's 13-inch waist, nose ring and lip stud" (The Daily Mail).

Bless The Daily Mail, uno Franca Sozzani fashion debacle (ie; THIS) and the magazine that deliberately sets out to make a statement and be "different" (which any fashionista worth their salt already knows), is suddenly crowned the industry's bad boy (or girl, whichever you prefer). Not that I agree with the slave earring thing you'll understand, oh no no, I'm 'Team Iman' on that one.
But actually, this cover featuring Stella Tennant with a VERY cinched-in waist, a pair of scissors and a nose stud is not such a shocker - theatrical, thought-provoking and intense maybe, but definitely not a shocker, or as controversial as losing 'ethnic' and 'slave' in translation.
Tennant is in fact interpreting Ethel Granger on the September cover of Vogue Italia, shot by Steven Meisel (the man responsible for every single Vogue Italia cover since 1988). Granger (1905-1982) once had the smallest waist on earth, with a Guinness Book of Records measurement of thirteen inches, see pic below:
Granger also broke the fashion-mould of her era, making eccentric and avant-garde style statements that included tribal nose piercings and cheek and lip studs - some of which indulged her husband's "particular" tastes.
Tennant's ghoulishly skinny recreation of Granger is most definitely touched by Photoshop, and I'm presuming that rather ominous looking pair of scissors are placed in her hand to make her look even more haunted and creepy? Either that, or judging by the leafy-garden location of the shoot, Stella was just pruning her bush.
Prada's gabardine nattée single-breasted coat with contrasting collar, styled with a corset by Deborah Milner, are also clever choices in setting the slightly disturbing yet beautiful mood of the shoot.


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