Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sipping In Style

What could be more eccentric than a glamorous personal bar nestled inside a vintage-style travel case? Yes girls, no more squeezing your mini bottles into your Alexander McQueen velvet Brit skull clutches - Cointreau and Dita Von Teese have come to our rescue.
The Burlesque star/model, who is also Global Ambassador for the brand, has created her ultimate travel bar for those times when first class service just takes far too long, darling. My Cointreau Travel Essentials is a retro hat box containing a jigger for measuring; cocktail spoon; glass; silver shaker; Cointreau spray; leather-bound notebook and of course, a bottle of Cointreau. It oozes chic and evokes the spirit of travel entwined with romance and adventure, as you imagine sipping away on a cocktail among aristocrats, spies, film stars and writers, as the Orient Express threads its way through beautiful and magical scenery.
And then you wake up and realise you've have too much to drink again, dreams huh!
The Cointreau Travel Essential is priced between €350-400, and the stylish coffret will be available from October. For more info head to


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