Friday, 12 August 2011

One (well, actually, two) To Watch...For SS12

Hot from Stockholm Fashion Week come two young brands who according to Swedish super-blogger - Elin Kling - impressed everyone with their stand-out collections. And you just know if Elin says it's cool, then it's "Oh my God I have To Have To See Them, NOW!". The End.

Altewai Saome  - Founded in 2009, Altewai Saome is made up of two Swedish born designers Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome who met each other while working in various fashion houses in Italy. Their designs are an eclectic mix of Scandinavian simplicity fused with a high-end Italian fashion aesthetic, which has made them one of the must-see shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm.  Their SS12 collection is a mix of day and evening wear with a functional sportswear-inspired silhouette - judging by the use of basketball mesh vest-style fabric on sleeves and as full trousers - and perforated leather tops that just remind me of watersports like scuba diving! Embellished eveningwear is decorated with chiffon circles, sequins and intricate beading that cleverly forms patterns of mismatched colours (like snot green and red, which somehow works??). The duo stand out from their Swedish design contemporaries, mainly due to their use of 'off' colours and incorporating unusual fabrics into their creations while retaining a perfect cut. And with their own concept store in Malmo (most brands/designers choose Stockholm) - it's a statement that this young label is fast growing into an international brand. See images and a video from SFW below:

Images & Video © Styleclicker

Nhu Doung - Vietnamese-born design Nhu 
won last year's Young Fashion Industry award at Stockholm Fashion week, and this latest line for SS11 showed why. The 'Coding' collection featured 15-looks including evening dresses, loose cargo trousers in neutral shades matched with oversized white tees and nylon fabrics matched with latex tank tops (that sporty edge for SS12 is definitely a trend to watch). Hot pink parkas and heels with neon detailing matched with a metallic dress also shows off Nhu's full spectrum of colour inspiration and makes me want to shout "acieeeeeeed" and be transported to a techno rave somewhere in the country. With my glo stick.
Nhu has proved that Sweden can stop with the monochrome aesthetic and see that the future's bright....the future's whatever colour you want it to be!

Images © Dazedandconfused/ColumbineSmille


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