Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nat King Cole and DJ Cut Chemist - Re:Generations

Once a member and contributing producer of Jurassic 5, US DJ Cut Chemist is the master of fusing musical matter and re-creating mixes with the emphasis on sway and bounce. His project Re:Generations was an homage to legendary singer Nat King Cole and his influence on 
folk-jazz and American style and culture.
The album (released in 2009) bridged the gap between new and old, classic and modern, bringing 
together artists like Cee Lo GreenThe RootsDamien Marley and Nas to share their 
interpretation of Cole's impact on their own musical direction. 
And if you're wondering why I'm telling you about this now......then check out the first video below which explains how the Re:Generations project came about. Then press play on video 2, and 
get ready for some serious swing-filled jazz on DJ Chemist's remix of Cole's “Day In – Day Out". 
It's enjoying a revival right now and I just had to bring it to your attention, it's too good to miss!


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