Tuesday, 23 August 2011

First Look | Nicola Formichetti’s Pop-Up Shop

Remember when I first wrote about Nicola Formichetti's Pop-Up shop coming to NYC? No? Link HERE to my piece for you then.
And now, the first image of that very pop-up has been released, designed by architects Mark Foster Gage and Marc Clemenceau Bailly of Gage/Clemenceau. It's very circus 'Hall of Mirrors' meets sci-fi meets probably lots of smudgy paw prints from visitors. I hope Nicola has his sleeve ready for a bit of spit and polish!
The shop opens on 8th September at 57 Walker Street in the very arty Tribeca district - take your shades, my eyes have already gone fuzzy just staring at this pic...

Image © Gage/Clemenceau


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