Saturday, 20 August 2011

Film: The Little Mermaid - A Very Different Version

I've just viewed the teaser for The Little Mermaid, an upcoming short film directed by Nicholas Humphries, featuring 3D & Visual Effects from Kim Oxlund, a Canadian-based visual artist - and quite simply, it's captivating.
It takes you into a dream-like, surreal world, which is both visually alluring and slightly sinister, brought to life through the dark and foreboding setting of an empty swamp and a traditional circus tent, which inside hides a mermaid in a bath with bloodied teeth helplessly uttering the word "please" (with a face that looks to have come from the Voldemort School of SFX) - and menacing music that punctuates the suspense. The whole thing is utterly engaging. So much so, I watched it twice. Then again.....and then once more.
According to Oxlund, the film tells the tale of " a circus tent in a swamp in the middle of nowhere. We follow a captured mermaid’s struggles with an evil ringmaster“. 
I've got shivers down my spine already. Thought-provoking, creepy, the sort of film you don't want to watch on your own......yes to all of those - and I can't wait to see the costumes.


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