Monday, 15 August 2011

Fashion On Film: What Lies Beneath By Mert & Marcus (Part 2)

You may recall a post I wrote recently about What Lies Beneath - the title of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot’s editorial for Love Magazine Issue 6. Well the official full-length film to accompany the shoot - Mert and Marcus' fashion on film debut - has now been released. 
Styled by Love Magazine Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand, the short film stars Mariacarla BosconoSaskia De BrauwKristen McMenamyAnais PouliotLara StoneGuinevere Van SeenusPaul Boche, Xiao Wen Ju, Jed Texas and Angus Whitehead.

The editorial itself has already attracted controversy, with some observers suggesting that Mert and Marcus' inspiration may have come from Jeff Bark's 2007 Woodpecker shoot, a collection of images which were shown at The Michael Hoppen Gallery in 2008 - see pics below (Jeff's work at top and M&M's beneath):
Image © Jeff Bark / Mert Alas, Marcus Piggot
"Coincidence? Inspiration? Homage? Plagiarism?" writes Well, you decide? Mert and Marcus' images are uncannily similar in their dark romanticism in setting and theme. But then so were artists of the Baroque period in the 16th century, where men and women were often depicted in a dramatic, tense, decadently romantic and visceral style, to appeal to the senses and emotions. And art is often recycled through a lens in modern day fashion photography to evoke memories of an era gone by. So it's fair to say Jeff Bark probably didn't think up the idea for his shoot one afternoon over a cup of tea himself! A few hours of researching art history archives were most definitely involved. 
But all of that aside, there is no doubt that Mert and Marcus' imagery is just as visually stunning and impactful in 2011, as Bark's was in 2007. 


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