Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fashion on Film: Madonna's W.E for Vanity Fair By Tom Munro

So you obviously know by now that Madonna hired her long-time stylist and celebrated costume designer, Arianne Phillips, to recreate the Simpsons' revered style for her upcoming directorial debut, W.E - a film about the love affair between King Edward VIII and twice-married American socialite, Wallis Simpson, whom King Edward gave up the throne for in 1936 so that he could marry Wallis - a romance which rocked the British empire. Parallel to this, the film also follows the modern day love affair between a Russian security guard and a married woman who is obsessed with the aforementioned life and times of King Edward VIII.

Polish Composer (and my friend!, Abel Korzeniowski), the amazing talent behind Tom Ford's "A Single Man," soundtrack, is attached to W.E's classical score - along with William Orbit, who produced Madonna's 1998 album "Ray of Light".
Stills from the film have already been released (see below)...

Images © Weinstein Company
And now, in a beautiful editorial for Vanity Fair's September issue, Tom Munro has captured the film's stars, Andrea Riseborough and the very handsome James D’Arcy (who play Wallis and Edward), in a series of shots which reflect the immaculately styled and couture-perfect image the couple were famed for, in particular Wallis, who was known for her close personal friendships with designers and couturiers. Did someone say brooch, Cartier and obsession?! Phillips worked with Dior, Dunhill, Stephen Jones millinery, Alexis Bittar jewellery and, surprise surprise...Cartier, on one-of-a-kind designs in creating the wardrobe for the film. According to Vanity Fair, there are “60 or so” costume changes in the movie, which rightly calculates as about 1.5 changes per minute. That's almost as many as Madonna during one of her live shows!

Images © Tom Munro/VanityFair


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