Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fashion On Film: Designer James Small SS12 Featuring Jamie Winstone

If I said, what do menswear designer James Small, Vauxhall Astra GTC and Jamie Winstone have in common? You would probably think "Eh?".
But actually, they've all collaborated for a new film/fashion project called "Wash", which stars Winstone and showcases Small's SS12 collection, while also announcing Vauxhall Motor’s patronage of the innovative British menswear designer as part of its support of Vauxhall Fashion Scout.  The short film is directed by Konstantinos Menelaou - producer at large and art director of A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival, the brainchild of legendary fashion blogger Diane Pernet. It tells the story of a strong, beautiful and stylish woman who spends her summer days driving from carwash to carwash to look at hot young mods wash her ride. As you do! Oozing power and totally aware of her control over the men around her, she does a Madonna-type move and takes out a boom box (hers being from the boot of her car) and hits play. 

Images © StokedPR
Cue hot young mods filling up their buckets, but not really working up a sweat with sponges and soap suds - while Winstone watches from under the brim of her very big hat. As soon as the music stops, so do the sponges and hot mods, and she hops back in her very clean car and drives off to find another carwash. Seriously, she must have the cleanest car in London! 
Commenting on the film, director Menelaus said: “We wanted to subvert the male dominated fantasy of the carwash as it traditionally portrays an object of male power (the car) being cleaned by an object of male desire (the girl).  In this case we reverse the roles and we give the power to the woman”. 
Female lead, Winstone, was hand-picked by James Small himself, as he and the actress are good friends and he also commented, "we needed someone that could fit with the slick and powerful look of the Astra GTC and make it work in the context of subverting male fantasy”.
Discussing the pairing of the film and his fashion collection, Small also said: “The SS 2012 collection is all about forward thinking and its great that Vauxhall Motors let me work in such a dynamic way with the Vauxhall Astra GTC. I cast the Vauxhall Astra GTC as its sleek design fitted the collection – which is all about looking back to my days in art college when we were allowed to freely express creativity and find our own personal style. I have streamlined the collection into a sleek and romantic vision incorporating the James Small trademark silk shirts and use of floral. Wash reflects this”.

And just in case you fancy pulling up at a carwash and pressing play on your boombox (girls), you'll need to download the music by East End artist, Actually Huizenga first. 
For more info, head to www.facebook.com/vauxhallastra and watch the film below:


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