Sunday, 31 July 2011

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz In Fashion

When I think fashion and hotels, I think The May Fair, London (with its Schiaparelli Suite), The Armani and Palazzo Versace Hotels in Dubai, The Uxua Casa, Brazil (owned by Wilbert Das, former head of design and creative director at Diesel)Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh where I stayed recently among a fusion of eye-catching prints and bold colours (and a better class of bathrobe!) and Maison Moschino, Milan - a classical railway station site reimagined by the label's creative team into an almost minimal affair, but with slightly decadent touches including a room called 'The Forest' featuring a bed of trees and another room with a headboard made from a ballgown. 
Now it's the turn of Hotel La Maison in Paris - which commissioned the house of Martin Margiela for a large part of its design, bucking the trend for over-opulent hotels. Following the fashion houses' own ethos of simplicity, the hotel is an understated and offbeat affair, with humour and style at its heart. The Champs Elysées based hotel is 'SO Paris' in its effortless chic and bewitching pomposity that it takes my breath away (oui, j'adore Paris).


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