Sunday, 17 July 2011

"Lucy In Disguise Has NOT Closed": Lily Allen and Katie Nicholl Round Two!

Aaaaand they're at it again. Katie Nicholl and Lily Allen that is.

First the Daily Mail journalist annoyed Allen when she wrote that the former singer was planning a wedding with boyfriend Sam Cooper to "ease" her grief over her miscarriage. Allen responded via Twitter by calling Nicholl a "c**t" and her showbiz column "shitty".

And now comes round two of the love-fest, after Nicholl claimed in today's Mail Online (17.7.11) that Allen's Lucy In Disguise boutique is to close after just ten months.
A source (allegedly in Allen's fashion camp) purportedly told the newspaper: "Everything is chaotic with Lucy In Disguise. Having a pop-up shop is a last-ditch attempt to save things. We cannot comment until the new store is open."
Not so says Allen, who insists that she and half-sister Sarah Owen, who also designs for the label, are simply relocating the business, and that the story is "misleading". Allen took to Twitter again to respond to the rumours, writing:
"Lucy in Disguise has NOT closed, it has moved to a temporary pop up on Lowndes st, before we move to our permanent premises, which will be on Lexington Street W1 from August. (sic)
"If any other publication wants to write deliberately misleading articles about Lucy in Disguise, feel free, I WILL sue you."

Hmmm....something tells me Katie Nicholl's been listening to Mary Portas too much, (Portas claimed that LID's concept of renting out designer vintage clothing was flawed during Channel 4's Rags to Riches show). Portas may have had a point about Allen's business plan being slightly laughable. Charging people £400 to rent a dress did kind of smack of a sheltered knowledge of  “how girls live outside of Primrose Hill”. But Portas' opinion or not, perhaps Nicholl should spend more time actually checking her facts before going to print.


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