Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How To Find And Copyright Images For Your Blog

See this lovely sepia effect seaside picture above, well it's one of those images you find, want to use in a blog post and then realise you have no damn clue where it came from and who to credit it to. So you could either 1) lie or 2) not bother at all and risk a ticking off, or 3) and probably the best option, use the new and improved Google Images Search!!
Yes, it's now as simple as Jessica Simpson to track down images on the interweb and give them a link. It's ruddy marvellous! So here's how to do it.
First off, head to http://images.google.com 

Then either drag your image from your photo files, or click the camera icon in the search box and upload your image from your files...

Hit 'searchet voilà, your image will pop up in the listings and tell you exactly who/where it came from. Then you can use that image in your blog AND CREDIT IT!! Fabuloso. 
Now there's no excuse not to link back to other people's images/content that you yourself may give a mention to in your blog posts. So thank you lacquerized.com for pointing this out to me!
Lesson in blogging over for today. Oh, and the seaside shot is by Ellen Von Unwerth by the way (but of course I already knew that).


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