Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Alexa Effect: Mulberry Is World's Top Performing Retailer

Mulberry? Best of British? You betcha! As Bloomberg reports that the iconic heritage label is now the "World's Top Fashion retailer". Tell us something we didn't already know!

The brand, founded by Roger Saul in 1971, and now controlled by Christina Ong, has seen its stock rise 526 per cent over the past year, with the Somerset-based brand now worth a cool £1.03 billion. And that may just have a little something to do with a certain style muse known as Alexa Chung and the iconic "Alexa" satchel she provided the inspiration for.

The Alexa handbag now accounts for more than 30 per cent of the firm’s sales and also propelled the brand into the realms of the fashwan packs' cult-status, must-have accessory.

I'm thinking a little thank you note to Alexa might be a nice touch, Hmm Mrs Ong?


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