Saturday, 28 May 2011

Models Sans Make-Up

Natalia Vodianova, Kirsty HumeRaquel Zimmermann and Edie Campbell are among top models who appear in a new collection of black and white untouched images, launched to celebrate the official opening of The Viva Model Agency in London. 
Photographed by Scott Trindle - the models came and went over the course of a year, posing without any make-up, hair or styling, to be photographed in the slightly less glamorous setting of Trindle's Dalston flat. He told Vogue: "It doesn't scare me that the images aren't retouched, it adds another layer of interest and intrigue. I'm as guilty of a slight polish in post as any, but having beautiful woman sit by a window doesn't fill me with unease. The fear that surrounds an un-retouched image is quite amazing - and again I'm no martyr. So much can be adapted in post, and so I suppose the main benefit is its purity."
"I suppose there is a level of irony having supermodels like Natalia and Raquel traipse through a £5 carwash and a cloud of Angel's barbecued jerk fumes, and I can't deny buying some flowers on the odd occasion to lighten the setting," the photographer said. "Even after three flights of stairs everyone was really receptive, and I think on the odd occasion welcomed the break from a hectic schedule of go-sees."

Viva Agency's director Natalie Hand commented: "His images stood out because it was just so interesting and rare for us to see the girls like that; he shot them with no additional hair, make-up or styling," she explained. "They were shot exactly as they were in person, exactly how they were when they walked through his door. And they looked really beautiful. The blemishes added to their charm. And you could definitely learn something about the model's real character from the pictures."

Hmm...sans airbrushing is all good, but when you have perfect bone structure, zero blemishes and don't really need make-up because you're organically pretty anyway, it's not such a shocker. 


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